Opening 16th of June 6 pm

Everyone is welcomed.

All works are made specially for this exhibition and will be revealed after opening.


Freedom. Passion. Courage.
These are this year's three flags.
Or at least they should be.

This feeling when you are entering the room, take whatever you want and start making moves. Wild, stupid, beautiful, funny. You don't think how it will look, what they will think, it doesn't matter. Truly. Deeply. You can be so sincere with yourself to pour everything out without doubt.

It's inside you and you can't hold it. It lashes out and you can't control it. It is unstoppable. And when you see it outside - this is the most amazing thing you've ever seen. You can't breath, the only thing you can do - is watch, observe, overflow, dissolve.

They all speak about it, but have they tried it? For real? Without doubts and buts? I don't think so. Because when you try it, it scares the shit out of you. From top to the bottom. It penetrates you. The only thing you want at this moment - is run. Run as far as you can, somewhere deep deep inside yourself, where nobody will find you, where nobody will search for you. Ever.
You make a step.

Relying and guided by these three flags I made this completely new collection to manifest transformation. Clean slate. Fresh view on old things, another world, beginning. I've put a part of myself onto every painting that is presented. Every piece has it's own remarkable, deep story. Every piece manifests a step, maybe small, maybe big, to a great transformation. It can tell it's story if you just come closer. And listen.

Real flesh. As fresh as it can be. For you.