How do you package before posting?

I love what I do a lot, so every piece is carefully and gently packed so it can withstand the postage and arrive in perfect condition

Do you send worldwide?


If I’m still nervous about the whole shipping thing, can I pick it up?

Sure, with prior agreement you can pick it up in Riga Latvia

Question about Commissions?

Do I do it - yes

Will I make a copy of some other painting - no!

Will I make a commission with a pink unicorn - no

Commission is an opportunity to still have an expression of me, but in a color scheme that appeals to you, the drawing itself will be as I feel or am in that moment, translation of me on the canvas as usual, but with some parameters from you, color palette, size, shape.

Have a question about payment?

Do we have a payment option that was not listed on this beautifully crafted website? 

Yes, reach out to me through contact or DM on instagram, and I’m sure we’ll figure it out

I am too cool, can I pay using crypto?

Drop me a message, I’ll get you in contact with my husband, he’s cool too )

If I want a painting of a pink unicorn, can you do that?

I don’t paint to that extent for order, but you can order a painting with certain colors, pink unicorns rarely express my mood or emotions )

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