Artist. Seeker. Quitter.

Hi, my name - Maria Pranka, I'm an artist from Latvia, Riga.

I'm an artist since... truth to be told I've never "started" to create art, this was always a way for self expression, through various medias, I've been acting, writing poems and novels, then I dived into photography. But now at my current stage - I'm using canvas and inks with acrylic for that same purpose - expressing myself.

"I love how this flows through me and onto the media, its like it wants to get out, be shown. So after any of my works are done its a satisfaction at all time high for me."

Maria Pranka (yeap, I'm quoting myself)

My art is about emotions it brings, about thoughts provoked.

I have a very high goals for my own mental development, and art helps me to understand myself a bit better, so every piece of art created - one step (sometimes a leap) in understanding myself.

I'm sincerely hoping that it can help you understand something about yourself too, about your inner self.

And I will do my best to bring you the most emotional and meaningful art.

Year 2007

I quit university, because I don't feel right being taught some science stuff and not exactly understanding why am I there.

Year 2010

I quit my big entertaining project, cause I don't see my growth in the future.

Year 2015

I quit my web-designer freelance and my marriage. I feel that it is not where I belong in both.

Year 2021

I quit my photographer career. And it was the hardest - after all exhibitions, winnings. exposure etc... But I did it.

Today I finally stopped putting myself in artistic boundaries - I don't have to choose one style or path. I can be anything and everything - today a painter, tomorrow a sculptor. It doesn't matter what you are doing. One thing that matters - how do you feel.

And when it's time to quit - you just have to do it. For better life. For better you.